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'Dub Lane' Floodlighting Control System

Floodlight Control System at Dub Lane Our state of the art touch sceen control system provides an intuitive interface for floodlighting control at the Queens University Malone Sports Pitches. The facilities at the Upper Malone Playing fields are a major part of a £20m investment by the university. The centrepiece of the development "The Arena" is the only site in the UK and Ireland that can accomodate football, GAA and Rugby.

Facilities at 'The Dub' as it is locally known include:

Floodlit grass and synthetic playing surfaces for gaelic games, hockey, rugby, soccer and other sports.

Main pitches (all of which are full size and floodlit):

  • Fibre-sand reinforced arena pitch with spectator stand
  • 10 grass pitches
  • 2 synthetic (3rd generation) pitches
  • 1 sand based synthetic pitch
  • 1 water based synthetic pitch.

Our Solution
Working with various electrical contractors and system integrators a Mitsubishi HMI and PLC based control system was core to the solution. An interactive touchscreen display in the main clubhouse allows any of the pitch floodlights to be operated from a central location.

Benefits of the this type of control system include:

  • Cost Saving   through reduced cabling and associated labour charges
  • Security Access Control, only authorised user can operate the expensive to run lights
  • Control from a central location which could easily be relocated if necessary (during the project the panel was relocated to the newly constructed clubhouse)
  • Controlled operation of each pitch, allowing 25%/50%/75%/100% lighting of selected pitches
  • Maintenance Cost Savings through Management of lamp life - Due to inaccessiblilty of the lighting towers and other factors, it is more cost effective to replace all lamps in a lighting mast together. Our system ensures the maximum usage is obtained from each lamp before replacment.
  • Useage statistics and security logging for when and how long lighting has been on
  • Upgradeability - New pitches could easily be added the the existing control system
  • Remote Connectivity - Remote alarms and Web Interface (making it possible to connect to and control the lighting from anywhere and from devices like an iPAD

Primary Equipment Used

Mitsubishi Q Series PLC & HMI

  • Mitsubishi Q-Series Rackmount PLC System with CC-Link Modules and I/O Cards
  • Mitsubishi  HMI, 15" Touchscreen Display
  • Bespoke Integrated HMI SCADA Interface and PLC program 

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