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This containerised solution is project configurable to provide critical systems with site-specific power protection. Flexible, efficient and resilient PowerBox is a self-contained power solution that can be delivered, installed and working within hours.

 Inside the Powerbox Solution

Each PowerBox contains all the necessary switchgear and distribution panels to deliver uninterruptible power from a combination power solution which can include: a Riello UPS, flywheel energy storage system, battery packs, and suitably rated generator.
Today’s data centre market requires flexible power solutions. The PowerBox extends Riello’s power solutions range to provide containerised solutions that can be easily deployed and installed wherever and whenever needed, with minimal impact on existing plant room and facilities.
Containerised Architecture
PowerBox provides a robust, highly resilient and efficient power solution with zero downtime, in a simple to install, low maintenance, self-contained configuration. Each PowerBox can be configured from a range of standard Riello UPS systems to deliver a site specific solution:

UPS: 200kVA and 500kVA modules with a full power rating of 4MVA/3.6MW

Flywheels: 215kW and 300kW with parallel installation to extend the energy storage

Battery Extension Packs: installed for increased system resilience.

Generators: running LPG (or diesel) to provide efficient extended runtimes up to 24 hours.

Self-contained Power Solution

The Riello PowerBox can be installed with components within a ‘stand-alone’ 20-foot or 40-foot container. Simple to deliver, connect and power-up, the Riello PowerBox is a highly-efficient and resilient power solution ideal for:

  • Modular data centres requiring a scalable power system
  • City data centre sites requiring additional power
  • Public events requiring short-term power
  • Military and remote installations

Project Management, Service & Maintenance
Our UPS team are available to help you design, deliver and install the right configuration for your application. Full site surveys are provided in addition to a range of other documentation.

Whether you install a Containerised Power Solution or a single Modular Power Source UPS, full pre-sales support and after-sales service is provided by factory trained engineers. Each system can be remote monitored by a central service data centre, providing remote alarm monitoring and reporting, emergency response and schedule inspections.
Purchase or Hire
Our smaller Containerised Power Solutions are available for short-term hire to allow clients to perform their own-onsite tests prior to purchase or provide clean, resilient power for a specific event or project. This facility is subject to availability.

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