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UPS and Power Protection
Isolated Power Supplies (IPS)
Isolated Power Supplies (IPS)

Isolated Power Supplies (IPS) provide safe electrical power for patients and clinical staff in the high care areas of a hospital. They also alert the staff of surgical, monitoring and other equipment faults and provide continuity of supply when correctly integrated with an appropriate UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply).

We are the Northern Ireland distributor for Starkstrom and have many years experience in providing Power Protection Solutions to the sector.

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Where is an IPS required?


The IEC 60364-7-710:2002-11 standard dictates that an IT system(an unearthed system)ie supplied by an IPS must be used in ALL "Group 2 medical locations". The medical procedures carried out in the room dictate what Group that room is categorised as. Examples of Group 2 rooms are:

  • Aneasthetic rooms
  • Operating theatres
  • Operating preparation rooms
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Neo-natal and imaging rooms
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