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Riello Three to Single Phase UPS
Riello Three to Single Phase UPS
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We are delighted to introduce our range of Riello Uninterruptible Power Supplies to the Northern Ireland market. Ashdale are the only officially recognised service partner for Riello UPS in Northern Ireland.

What can we do for you?
We are a one stop shop for a power protection solution that will give you or your client total peace of mind.
  • The know-how and experience to specify the appropriate solution
  • Handle Logistics of Supply & Installation by "Safe Contractor Approved Install Engineers" 
  • Commission the final system
  • Decommission & removal of existing systems
  • Provide 24/365 Contracted Support Team
Uninterruptable Power Supply Solutions

 Sentinel Power - SPW SPT Uninterruptable Power Supplies
Sentinel power is the ideal solution for powering vital mission critical, sensitive loads such as electro-medical security applications in order to guarantee maximum reliability and availability.
The series includes 5kVA-6kVA single/single phase and 6.5kVA-8kVA-10kVA single/single phase and three/single phase models and uses double conversion on-line technology (VFI). The load is powered constantly by the inverter which supplies filtered, stabilised and regulated sinewave voltage.
Moreover, the input and output filters increase the immunity of the load against mains power disturbances and lightning strikes.
SENTINEL POWER is without doubt one of the best UPS systems on the market today thanks to the technology used, the features (selectable Economy Mode and Smart Mode) and the diagnostics offered (custom LCD display, RS232 and USB interfaces complete with Powershield³ software, EPO contact and slots for optional interface boards).

Multi Sentry - MCM MSM Uninterruptable Power Supply

Multi Sentry 10 - 20KVA
Multi Sentry is ideal for the protection of critical information and telecommunications networks which cannot run the risk of being powered from a power quality electrical supply.

The MULTI SENTRY series is available in 10-12-15-20 kVA three-phase and single-phase input and single-phase output models, with double conversion on-line technology according to the VFI-SS-111 classification, as defined by the IEC EN
62040-3 standard.

MULTI SENTRY has been designed and manufactuired using state-of-theart technologies in order to deliver maximum protection for critical users, a zero impact on the mains power supply and a high operating efficiency.

The high level of flexibility at the design stage means that there is full compatibility both with three-phase power and with single-phase sources, thus eliminating any critical factors in the connection between UPS and system.

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