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Disabled Toilet Alarm Systems
Disabled Toilet Alarm Systems
Ashdale are pleased to offer a full range of Disabled Toilet Alarms and Assistance Call Systems

These are available in Standard white Plastic or Stainless Steel

(Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm)

An easy to install and expand solution to meet the growing requirement for a means of indicating that assistance is required.

•Sounder within the reset unit to give audible reassurance that assistance is on the way.
•Braille text on the reset unit.
•Only 3 points to install on a standard system.
•Can be simply linked to other systems.
•Assists in ensuring compliance with the DDA, BS8300 & other care standards.
•Simple to expand.
•Multi-way remote indicator units available.
•Twin pull cord rings supplied.
•Disabled Persons sticker supplied.

HARK assists with compliance with the DDA, BS8300 & other care standards

Approved Document M- ‘Access to & use of Buildings' states the following:

...Pull cords for emergency alarms...are coloured red, located as close to a wall as possible, and have two red 50mm bangles, one set 100mm and the other set between 800 & 1000mm above the floor. These should be reachable from the WC.

...Simple push buttons (reset unit) are not set more than 1200mm above the floor. This should be reachable from the WC.

...The emergency assistance signal (Lamp/sounder) is located so that it can be easily seen & heard by those able to give assistance.

Once the pull cord(s) are activated the reassurance LED on the pull cord will illuminate, the reset unit will illuminate & operate its internal sounder and the external lamp/sounder unit will operate along with any optional equipment installed.

Simply pressing the illuminated reset switch will return the system to the ‘normal' state.


The Help Alarm Response Kit can be linked to a remote multi-way indicator panel (for use in a reception or staffed area).

A 12 volt relay unit (S/E60/A) can be used to interface the unit to a wide range of equipment such as.

•Fire alarms
•Intruder Alarms
•Paging transmitters

Additional pull cord units can be added to the system to allow for larger rooms or multi area coverage. Please note that additional pull cords will operate and be reset by the same unit as the initial pull cord.

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