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Induction Loop Systems
Induction Loop Systems

Our SigNET PDA range is the widest range of audio frequency induction loop equipment in the UK, allowing those that are hard of hearing to hear more clearly. By switching a hearing aid to the "T" position the hearing aid will tune into the standard frequency of an the induction loop system within a building and deliver an amplified, clear sound to the wearer. The induction loop system can be configured to amplify via ambient and directional mic signals & line inputs such as TV`s or alarm signals depending on the application.

The disability discrimination act (read more here) requires public buildings, the workplace and construction of new dwellings to comply with DDA regulations. Installation of an induction loop system can satisfy this element of the legislation not to mention improving the lives of those who suffer from hard of hearing.

 Induction Loop Applications

Designed to meet or exceed the requirements of BS5794 and EN60118-4 when correctly installed, all amplifiers in the PDA range offer excellent intelligibility, true current mode amplification, phantom power (for electret microphones) and full compatibility with our 'outreach plate' audio input extension system (except the PL1, VL1 and DL50). Many are also available in kit format for ease of specification, purchase and installation.

We offer the full range of systems from portable loop systems to large 200sq metre systems for cathedrals and auditoriums and infra red based systems.

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