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Ashdale are pleased to offer a full range of ASD systems to meet all requirements.
Often referred to as "Vesda" - Aspirating Smoke Detection offers fire detection in places often not suited to "point type" detection. This may include large open areas such as warehousing and retail complexes. In addition high sensitivity models offer the fullest protection for data rooms and other critical equipment sites.


Quicker and more efficient than point-type detectors, our solutions from WAGNER rely on air sampling systems for smoke detection. Via a pipe system the air sampling smoke detection system actively takes air samples from the risk and passes them to an optical chamber.

Detection without false alarms
In contrast to point-type detectors which can be limited in their environmental applications air sampling smoke detection systems can possess a higher sensitivity - leading to quick and reliable fire detection!

Particularly suitable for difficult environments
In difficult environments such as high ceilings, extreme temperatures, dirt and humidity or high aesthetic requirements an air sampling smoke detection system can produce reliable fire detection.

Environmental influences eliminated
Environmental conditions that can produce unwanted alarms can be eliminated (using technology, professional engineering, sophisticated pipe accessories). Optimal results can be reached by using a sensitivity and system suitable for the specific application.

Advantages over point-type detectors

Ceiling Height
High Air Speeds
Dust, Dirt, Humidity
Extreme Temperature

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