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Integrity 2-64 Zone Voice Alarm
Integrity 2-64 Zone Voice Alarm
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Ashdale are experts in PAVA system design and installation of Voice Alarm and Public Address Systems.
We have completed a number of Major Projects in Ireland using integrated Fire and Voice Solutions.( See our case studies and brochure for details.) Our preferred choice for larger installations is the Signet Integrity VA system...

The Integrity Voice Alarm System is a feature-packed, fully integrated Voice Alarm (VA), Public Address (PA) and Background Music (BGM) system suitable for use in applications of up to sixteen loudspeaker zones.
Combining a voice alarm system with a high specification public address system, Integrity can be connected to virtually any manufacturer’s fire detection system via monitored links from its sounder circuits.

One of Integrity’s main advantages is its revolutionary simulator software that allows the routing and priorities of multiple audio sources to be set up and tested on a PC before assembling the hardware. This is especially useful as it allows the evacuation cause and effect scenarios to be checked and approved before any equipment is purchased. Different audio inputs, such as fireman’s microphone, alert and evacuate messages can be triggered simultaneously, although the Integrity software allows only the highest priority to be played in a zone.
The flexibility of this approach allows normally complex voice alarm systems to be easily realised, providing both the customer and designer with unrivalled confidence and control over site evacuation management.

See our Data sheets below and contact us today to see how we can help you.
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