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Battery Replacement Service
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Batteries have a finite lifetime, anything from 2 years to 10 years depending on the model, usage, charging cycles and storage conditions. When the time comes to replace your UPS or emergency lighting system's battery bank we can provide the complete solution. Removal,disposal certifed to ISO14001, replacement and recommissioning. As a Registered Waste Carrier  we will provide you with full traceablity through waste transfer notes and a certificate of displosal, helping you to stay compliant with controlled waste regulation and legislation.

Ashdale offer a full range of services for your UPS batteries including replacement battery sets for all sizes of UPS, from 305VA to MVA systems, we offer  battery impedance and condition testing, large battery set builds including isolation cabinets to keep DC voltages to safe working levels of less than 50V.

We can supply a full range of batteries from Seal Lead Acid, Ni Cad, Alcad for all standby applications.

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    Lead Acid Battery Guide

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