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Is your sensitive IT or electronic equipment getting damaged by poor mains supply?

Ashdale are pleased to offer the range of Transient Voltage Surge Surpression from EATON MEM.


TVSS Product Range

This superior range of TVSS offers full protection from voltage spikes and surges from the Main Switch Board, right through to the end user plug top equipment.

Our MEM Power Quality gives us a comprehensive range of Power Quality products to suit the need of every customer
The Power Quality Range incorporates:

The I.T. Protector® range of Transient Voltage Surge

Suppression (TVSS) devices, from MEM, protect against the harmful effects of transient voltage surges
caused by lightning, electricity supply network problems and the switching of the very load equipment
your business depends upon. TVSS can prevent disruption, degradation, damage and downtime of all
electrical and sensitive electronic equipment caused by such power problems.

We offer passive and active models along with full Active Harmonic filters if required.

Ashdale can also conduct site surveys to establish the best product for your problem.

Call us now to see if we can help.

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