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With SafetyEYE, Pilz is opening up new horizons for factory and non-factory automation.
The safe camera system for three-dimensional zone monitoring was developed by Pilz in conjunction with DaimlerChrysler. 
Where today’s applications still require a multitude of sensors, SafetyEYE places a customised, three-dimensional protective cocoon around the danger zone.
Detection zones can be configured flexibly and quickly on the PC.
With SafetyEYE you can protect, control and monitor with just one system. Users in the safety sector benefit from increased flexibility and productivity,  while the security sector benefits from uninterrupted object monitoring and access guarding.
SafetyEYE is much more than just a sensor – it is the basis for a technology that safely detects objects in a three-dimensional zone.
"So once more we can present an innovation that helps users to increase productivity and reduce costs”, says Renate Pilz,
Pilz’s Managing Partner, getting right to the heart of the benefits of the safe camera system. The safe camera system is suitable for the widest range of industries: from machining centres to the tyre and packaging industry, through to high-bay racking systems and automatic car parks.

Detection zones and warning zones can be combined into complex zone arrangements and are therefore easy to manage, as they can be configured quickly and intuitively on the PC. If the various operating modes on a machine require different zone arrangements, these can switched dynamically during the machine’s working cycle, via the safe bus system SafetyBUS p or via the digital inputs on the PSS programmable Safety and control system.
Users have flexibility, because once detection zones have been defined they can be adapted at the click of a mouse in the
SafetyEYE Configurator. So the monitoring of detection zones is no longer based on technical needs but on the requirements of the user’s process cycles, which can be designed with the utmost flexibility.
It only takes a few hours to install SafetyEYE and configure the detection zones.
To position, set up and check conventional protective devices, on the other hand, takes at least a day.
And it’s also more economical to use SafetyEYE. When a detection zone has been violated, an integrated diagnostic
function reduces downtimes to a minimum.
Ergonomic interaction between man and machine
The safe camera system clearly offers more compared to traditional sensor technology: you can protect, control and monitor with just one system.
SafetyEYE can also perform standard control functions.
And with SafetyEYE it is also possible to monitor several independent detection zones.
Not only does that lower the cost, it also reduces the number of components to a minimum. The ability to connect directly to bus systems such as SafetyBUS p and, in future SafetyNET p, brings further savings in terms of material and installation.
SafetyEYE protects plants from a bird’s eye view, enabling man and machine to work together in perfect harmony. Requirements from the widest range of mechanical engineering applications can be implemented using the safe camera system.
Valuable objects and access to buildings firmly in view while safety describes the protection of the environment from an object, security is concerned with protecting an object from the environment.
This includes access protection on buildings or monitoring exhibits at museums, for example. SafetyEYE keeps valuable objects continuously in its sight because, unlike conventional protective devices, is doesn’t just monitor one plane. "Camera-based image processing will revolutionise optical
sensor technology, and not only in the industrial sector. We are convinced that the SafetyEYE innovation faces an excellent future in the security sector too”, concludes Renate Pilz.
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