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Chloride Commercial UPS
Chloride Commercial UPS
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Ashdale have over 30 years of experience in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and project management of large power protection systems across a wide spectrum of industries and applications. Our experience includes data centres, medical applications, industrial applications, financial institutions, petro-chemical industry and general commercial applications. This includes large parallel UPS systems (N+1) and large UPS systems in N+N configuration for mission critical systems.

3 Phase Product Range
We commonly integrate the three phase range of products into the design of a large power protection solution.

Trinergy: High power modular UPS systems: 200-1200 kW
Trinergy is a revolutionary high power modular UPS system with dynamic mode transitioning. With unique performance characteristics Trinergy dramatically reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). These UPS systems feature:

  • Parallelable to make UPS systems of up to 9.6 MW
  • Unprecedented energy savings

90-Net: Ultra-reliable UPS systems: 250-800 kVA
Our long standing, ultra-reliable three-phase UPS systems; ideally suited for use in larger data centres or to protect highly critical loads. Over 45 MVA of 90-NET UPS systems have been installed in Canary Wharf alone. These UPS systems feature:

  • Parallelable to make UPS systems of up to 6.4 MVA
  • Output power factor of up to 0.9 with both leading and lagging loads

80-Net: Best-selling UPS systems: 60-200 kVA
One of our best-selling products, 80-NET UPS systems have been leading the market in performance and efficiency for several years. Ideal for data centre applications these UPS systems feature:

  • Unity input power factor
  • AC/AC efficiency of up to 98%; typically 94%

80-Net MPR: Maximum efficiency UPS systems: 30-40 kVA
Drawing near unity power factor from the input current 80-NET MPR UPS systems maximise the usable power from your power supply and can reduce your operating costs. These blade-friendly UPS systems feature:

  • Unity input power factor
  • AC/AC efficiency of up to 98%

MP-NET: Scalable, fully modular UPS systems: 20-80 kVA
Designed to grow with an organisation's evolving requirements without compromising reliability, the MP-NET three-phase modular UPS systems feature:

  • AC/AC efficiency of up to 98%
  • Hot-swappable 20 kVA modules 


60-NET:Cost-effective UPS systems: 10-20 kVA
Cost-effective and environmentally friendly the 60-NET three-phase UPS systems are ideal for a wide range of applications giving reliable, continuous power. These UPS systems feature:

  • AC/AC efficiency of up to 98%
  • Integral backup of up to 30 minutes; smaller footprint

Excor Apodys: UPS systems for harsh operating conditions: 2.5-500 kVA
Excor Apodys UPS systems provide the ideal power protection for three-phase AC loads in industrial environments. These UPS systems are designed for harsh operating conditions and feature:

  • A system lifetime of at least 20 years continuous operation
  • Highly customisable to meet project specific requirements

Exond Apodys: Industrial inverters for heavy-duty use: 2.5-320 kVA
The Exond Apodys range of industrial inverters convert DC input voltages into perfect sinusoidal output voltages to provide power to AC loads. These inverters are designed for harsh operating conditions and feature:

  • Ability to operate continuously in permanent 40oC ambient temperature
  • High clearance capacity to clear downstream short-circuits

The Single Phase Range
Ideal for providing emergency backup power to PCs and servers and giving surge protection to sensitive electrical equipment, our range of single-phase UPS, power conditioners, power conditioned UPS and industrial grade single-phase UPS give SMBs, computer rooms, hospitals and many other facilities protection against power failure.

UPS Types
Offline (standby)

This class of Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS - provides maximum power supply protection in a versatile design. In normal mode, with the AC mains supply within tolerances, the loads are connected to the mains supply and filtered, to give surge protection, while the internal batteries are kept charged. When there is a power failure the unit automatically switches to battery mode to keep the load supplied and protected. Ideal for use with individual computers carrying out critical procedures.

  • Desk Power

Line interactive UPS
This class of Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS - adds an internal automatic voltage regulator, providing extra voltage regulation when the load is fed from the mains power supply. This results in less frequent use of the internal backup batteries to protect the load, prolonging their life. The line interactive UPS still offer surge protection and give adequate time for shutdown in the case of a power failure. Ideal for use with individual computers carrying out critical procedures.

  • Desk Power Plus

Digital online UPS
Unique to Chloride, this class of Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS - combines online performance (no break, pure sinusoidal output, optimum voltage regulation) with high efficiency and flexibility (isolation transformer optional). High reliability and robustness ensure a long-lasting solution. This class includes the Power Lan Green specially desinged to have an exceptionally high conversion efficiency to help our customers meet the demand for 'greener' workplaces. Ideal for protecting small to medium office Local Area Networks against power surges, spikes and failures.

  • Power LAN PLus
  • Power LAN Green

Online double conversion UPS
This class of Uninterruptible Power Supplies - UPS - converts the incoming AC mains supply into DC power to keep the integral backup batteries charged and then back into clean AC power to feed the load. This ensures a tight output regulation and no break on energy supply to the load, making this technology ideal for sensitive loads and distorted AC mains environments.

  • Active & Active Rack
  • Active Plus Tower
  • Linear Plus Rack
  • Linear MKII
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