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Industrial Vision Sensors
Industrial Vision Sensors
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Image processing is one of the most crucial and challenging sensor technologies of the future. Until recently, integrating vision sensors into practical applications was difficult and extremely expensive. Today, vision sensors can be implemented in a wide variety of industries and applications, offering cost advantages over standard solutions in difficult sensing environments.

The available devices and systems range from barcode imagers to vision sensors and system solutions that are adapted to the application requirements. The complexity of the solution and the cost of integration vary with each use. Each technology has advantages that are best suited for the application at hand.


A typical Application using the VOS310 Sensor

In the above example the sensor is looking for a condition ie presence and is triggering removal of the item on the conveyor line which is incomplete

We can offer a full range of vision sensors and systems......and we have the expertise to help you with a solution to your particular application problem.

Vision Sensors

Vision Sensors Series VOS300
The VOS302 is a versatile vision sensor suitable for detection tasks such as presence, completeness and position checks. The sensor can be configured via the intuitive VOS3 Config PC interface and then operated without a PC.

Vision Sensors Series VOS120-FFPL
The Vision Sensor VOS120-FFPL has been developed for the precision positioning of high-bay racking operating equipment. It detects circular holes in the racking structure and their positional deviation from the nominal position.

Vision Sensors Series VOS410
The sheet verification sensor VOS410-BIS supports a fast and easy monitoring of the correct sheet order e.g., in assembling, folding or binding machines.

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    Overview of our range of Pepperl and Fuches vision sensors

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