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Incremental rotary encoders can be used in all applications that require monitoring of rotation rate, speed, acceleration and direction. These sensors can be utilized in many applications found in mechanical engineering,in particular the conveyor industry, material handling and the packaging industry.

Incremental rotary encoders supply a certain number of pulses for each shaft revolution. Speed is measured by counting the pulses for  a period of time. To calculate angle or the distance covered, pulses are counted starting from a reference point.
Dual channel quadrature output encoders feature two signal outputs that are 90o out of phase with each other. This permits the controller to determine direction of rotation and perform bi-directional positioning tasks.
Three-channel incremental encoders have a third signal channel (known as “zero”, or reference, signal) that provides a single pulse for each revolution.

Available Models

  • Incremental and absolute
  • Solid shaft, hollow shaft, & cable pull systems
  • Wide range of housing styles such as industry standard 58mm
  • Complete range of mounting options and accessories
  • EX versions available for hazardous areas
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