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We stock a range of beacons and accessories and have access to the UK's largest range of visual and audible warning devices.

Our beacons and warning devices can be found across many different sectors in Northern Ireland and further afield. From manufacturing, quarrying and public sector to the more specialised EX rated needs of marine, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

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Types Available

  • Rotating Mirror Beacons
  • Xenon Strobe Beacons
  • Pulsed Filament Beacons
    Particularly for ground vehicles at airports as this is the only type allowed
  • Static Filament Beacons
  • Duplex Wig-Wag Beacons
  • LED Beacons
  • Modular Stacking Beacons
  • Tower Beacons
  • Telephone Initated Beacons
  • Vehicle Beacons
  • ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) Beacons
  • Marine Beacons
  • Explosionproof Beacons
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