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The twin-arm SCARA robots of the RP series are high-performance systems developed specially for micro-handling. When it comes to precision, speed and compactness  these robots are virtually unbeatable. These compact units with 4 degrees of freedom are ideal for applications like watch, mobile phone and hearing aid assembly.

The RP product range includes three models for handling tasks with payloads from 1 to 5kg. Placement accuracy one tenth the width of a human hair. The smallest and fastest robot in this range is the RP-1AH. It can place components with a precision of five thousandths of a millimetre in a workspace around the size of a DIN A6 sheet of paper - an unbeatable performance that is currently only available from Mitsubishi Electric robots.

RP-1AH Highlights :

* Repeatability ± 0.005 mm
* Cycle period per pick and place < 0.5 s
* Required footprint approx. 200 × 160 mm
* Work envelope approx. 150 × 105 mm
* Extended pick up zones for material feeding
* Multitasking operating system supports parallel processing


» RP-1AH
» RP-3AH
» RP-5AH
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