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Mitsubishi field bus terminals are popular all over the world in many branches of industry, from conventional mechanical engineering to building automation services, with good reason: Planning, wiring, installing and maintaining Mitsubishi field bus terminal systems is exceptionally easy, and the distributed I/O system offers a wide range of technical highlights and customer benefits    

  • Modular and freely-scalable architecture for precise configuration
  • Module width just 12.6mm per terminal
  • Gold-plated contacts and insertion-coded modules for maximum reliability
  • Replacement at the touch of a button with the latest hot-swapping technology
  • "Permanent wiring" made possible by plug-in electronics modules

Mitsubishi field bus terminals make it possible to use a distributed layout for switchgear cabinets and terminal boxes. This modern and intuitive connection technology allows direct connection of all common sensors and actuators without any additional connection hardware. An entire work procedure can be eliminated, i.e. the wiring of the field devices between first terminal level in the switchgear cabinet or the terminal box and the controller. This significantly reduces the overheads in conventional controller installations, saving space, material, labour and money.

The connection to a higher-level controller can be established by plugging in a field bus interface module. Depending on the version used the bus terminals can be used for the networks Profibus DP, CC-Link, AS-Interface and also MELSECNET with its remote stations.

The popular MELSOFT software from Mitsubishi Electric includes all the necessary tools for project planning and quick installation and configuration. Functions like a simulation tool and integrated Profibus diagnostics help users to prevent errors in advance or to localise them quickly during operation.

Field bus terminals are available with comprehensive accessories and a variety of protection ratings, all the way up to IP 67.
The following field bus terminals are currently available:
  • Digital I/Os
  • Analog I/Os
  • High-speed counters
  • Positioning modules
  • Standard interfaces
  • PC expansion cards
  • Data photoelectric barriers
  • Optical converters
  • Repeaters  
  • MELSEC ST Overview
    Overview of the MELSEC ST Remote I/O Solution

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