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IET Electrical Installation Testers
IET Electrical Installation Testers
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Ever since we launched the world's first multi-function installation tester way back in 1985, we've been looking for ways to improve our installation testers, making them safer and easier to use.

And here is our latest innovation.  An installation tester which puts the measurement display and test button where they ought to be - in your line of sight. Makes sense when you think about it. You wouldn't buy a car that had the instrument panel hanging around your neck so why compromise on your test equipment?

And of course the PowerTest 1557 includes many of our previous innovations, such as automatic RCD testing, test lead compensation and a quick and accurate non-trip loop test with automatic PSC and PFC calculation.

We hope you'll agree that the PowerTest 1557 has broken the mould, so go on, give yourself a good probe.

Key Features

  • Complete 17th Edition & Part-P tester with integral probe
  • High speed non-trip loop test
  • Phase to Phase Testing
  • Auto RCD testing
  • Long Battery Life
  • Rugged hand-held enclosure
  • Smallest and lightest in it's class
Examples of other available models:

» Ert 1557earth resistance tester
» IRT 1557insulation resistance and continuity tester
» Power Test 1557installation tester
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