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SEN60304 Machinery Tester
SEN60304 Machinery Tester
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The SEN60204 is an electrical safety tester for machines. It is designed to test in accordance with electrical safety standards EN60204.1 (electrical equipment of machines) and EN60439-1 (low voltage switchgear and control assemblies).

The tester provides solutions for the European Machinery Directive and The Provision of Work Equipment Regulations. The microprocessor controlled unit allows test data to be stored in the tester's memory and results can be downloaded to a printer or Seaward results recording software.

Key Features

  • Testing of machines to all  EN60204.1 electrical tests.
  • Additional auxiliary earth bond lead connection for point to point measurement.
  • 2.5kV flash test, allows testing to EN60439.
  • Differential earth leakage measurement resolves multiple earths to machine under test.
  • Ability to print out certificates.
  • Residual voltage test via probe for single and three phase machines

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