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SD 300 Safe Discharge Unit
SD 300 Safe Discharge Unit
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There is nothing quite like the SD 300 available in the current market.

Specifically designed to enable you to discharge stored energy safely from large capacitors. These capacitors store potentially lethal amounts of energy and must be safely discharged before service or maintenance is carried out.

The common, unauthorised practice is to discharge this energy with screwdrivers or wires prior to maintenance, test or repair work. This can cause uncontrolled sparking and is extremely dangerous. It can also damage capacitors.

The SD300 capacitor discharge unit has a unique failsafe two handed push-button operation Replique Montre  which initiates and maintains the discharge. It ensures that the operator never comes into contact with the live circuit. It's a safety must.

The SD 300 capacitor discharge unit, is designed for use in applications where the safe discharge of electricity in capacitors up to 1000V is required.  Wind Turbines, DC motor drives, DC motor drive manufactures are typical examples of relevant applications.


SD300 Application



  • Unique Failsafe Design
  • Electrical isolation between probes prevents sparking
  • Two handed operation
  • Self Test facility
  • Rugged drop proof enclosure
  • 1000V Max discharge voltage
  • 1200uF max. discharge capacitance
  • 30s nominal discharge time@ 1000V/1200uF
  • Safety Interlock discharge prohibited if >30V ac between test probes
  • Centre-zero panel meters and LED indicators
  • 33.9cm x 29.5cm x 15.2cm
  • Only 4kg
  • IP66 rating
    Replique Rolex
  • UL listed
» 357A910
» SD 300
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