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Static Transfer Switch
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Static Transfer Switches - STS - enable the rapid transfer from one emergency power backup system to another and maximise the uptime of a critical power system. We have a complete range of rack, cabinet and chassis CROSS static transfer switches that can be fully customised according to the customer's load and environment requirements.

UPS systems must be fault tolerant and maintainable, while the critical load must remain supported and fully operational. The objective should be for a system that allows any single part to fail and be repaired and tested without affecting the operation of the critical load.

Reliability of distribution to the final load is vital to the continuous availability of power systems. System failures are often caused by problems in the distribution system not by failures of the power source itself. Using static switches can make significant improvements in the reliability of the power supply to mission critical equipment. Whilst a traditional UPS protects the load and improves the quality of the power source, it cannot ensure the elimination of problems that can occur downstream from the UPS such as overloads and short circuits.

Chloride Power Protection has developed CROSS online static switches to satisfy two objectives: to increase the reliability of power sources and to eliminate the high percentage of faults linked to electrical distribution problems in the system ownstream of the source.

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