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Articulated Arm
Articulated Arm
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We offer a full range of articulated-arm robots with 5 and 6 degrees of freedom for all kinds of handling tasks with payloads from 1 to 12kg. Call us today to speak with one of our systems engineers. We can arrange a free visit to assess your site and perhaps arrange a demonstration to let you see the capabilities for yourself.

The video below shows one of the many possible applications for  our robots:  

Summary of the range 

High performance in the compact class
Mitsubishi's RV-2AJ and RV-1A are small, compactly-designed robots that can be installed directly next to or even inside machinery and systems. These compact units are particularly good at placing and removing small components.

Mid-range reliability
Typical applications for the RV-3SJB and RV-3SB include handling samples, work on analysis equipment and a wide range of quality control tasks. The slim design and great agility of these robots make it easy to integrate them in machinery.

Maximum power and reach
The RV-S series are the latest generation of 6-DOF (degrees of freedom) robots from Mitsubishi Electric. With repeatability of ± 0.05mm and speeds of up to 9,500mm/s the RV-12SL is one of the fastest and most precise robots in its class. These robots are ideal for handling components in industrial manufacturing applications and for daisy-chaining production machines.

Mitsubishi Electric's comprehensive protection and service functions help to make these robots particularly safe and reliable. Standard equipment includes a sensorless collision prevention system that immediately switches off the robot as soon as any non-typical load is registered. Another highlight is the intelligent service warning, which automatically calculates the next service date on the basis of how each individual robot is used.

More Highlights:

  • Compliance Control function
  • Multitasking operating system
  • Load-based acceleration optimisation
  • Individual axis torque monitoring
  • Sensorless crash detection
  • Control functions for additional axes
  • IP65 protection rating (axes 4-6)

  • Application Example
    This application example shows the RV series being implemented in PCB board production line.

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    RV Series Labeling Application » Download

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