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Software for PAT Testing
Software for PAT Testing
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We have a range of PATGuard software to suit every requirement. From PATGuard Lite for a cost effective yet feature packed entry level solution, through to PATGuard Elite 2, the premier PAT software package.
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PATGuard Elite 2 - Premier PAT Software

A top of the line premier PAT software package that is ideal for companies that PAT test on a regular basis and PAT test service companies. This PAT software program provides a quick and easy, complete management of the PAT testing process. One program provides the total solution from the first test, through downloading test results, certificates,  to planning re-tests and uploading. It's simple to use extensive features include clear re-test identification, optional email alerts for re-testing, and an extensive range of reports that help to improve efficiency. It connects directly to the tester and is fast to upload and download.

PATGuard Elite uses Windows-based management of information so it is easy to use.

Key Features

  • Automatic record generation
  • Icon style display
  • Drag & Drop for easy re-location
  • Most PAT downloads accepted (all Seaward)
  • Database compatibility across the range
  • Compatible with PATGuard Work About
  • Acrobat pdf reports
  • Network enabled
  • Password protected
  • Automatic re-location of assets
  • Full test history
  • Asset tracking
  • PATGuard viewer program generator
  • Full Seaward PAT upload capabilities
  • Automatic re-test scheduler
  • Customised email safety alerts
  • Full range of printed reports
  • Asset upload independent of tester type
  • Shire Safety 1st Xpress Import

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  • PATGuard Elite 2

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» PATGuard Work About 2
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» PATGuard Elite 2
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