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Dual Voltage
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The most comprehensive PAT tester on the market bar none. If you need to do a test, rest assured  the Supernova Plus PAT tester can do it (including flash testing and full dual voltage capability).
This sophisticated PAT tester is packed full of key features, such as 5000 test records memory with  site, location, and user data with test status and date. It can link to a PC with a modem for remote transfer of information. The PAT Tester has connections for a barcode reader, braincell RFID scanner, and printer, as well as a parallel printer port. Barcode labels are generated via an optional thermal printer.
For ease of use, there is a large LCD graphics display, with legible, walk through instructions for each test facility. Downloading  of information is very fast. The asset management feature is supported with three software options. All of this is in a rugged enclose. This PAT tester has it all.
We at Ashdale have years of experience with Seaward products and
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Key Features
•    Any appliance, any test
A full and comprehensive set of tests, together with full dual voltage and flash test capacity.
•    Walk through instructions
Large, easy to read display will walk you through any test procedure with ease.
•    Connectivity? No problem
The Supernova Plus has ports and plugs galore. PC, barcode reader, braincell RFID scanner and printer connections are all taken care of.
•    Superfast Download


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