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Industrial Automation Support

Ashdale have always striven to bring advanced technology products to our market place. The most advanced product in the world is of no use if you do not see how or why you can use it to bring an advantage in your own particular market. Ashdale have always been known for their high level of application and technical support. Our Industrial Automation Systems Engineers are able to bring their wide knowledge to your application.

Technical & Application Support
It is beneficial to get Ashdale involved at an early stage of your project firstly through our Technical Sales Engineers. They will quickly involve our specialist technical people to bring the best technical solution to your application. Their wide experience in many different industries means that systems that have brought benefit to one particular industry can be applied to other industries.

Systems Integration
Many of our customers have extensive experience in their field, but may have gaps in certain areas of their skill set. Ashdale Systems Support Engineers can help fill these gaps by working with you to engineer the best solution for your application.
We can provide help with integration of a single component like a Drive, PLC or Safety System right up to a large Automation System. We can offer differing levels of service from an on site commissioning engineer through to full system testing to complete project management.

System Team Skill Set
The systems team cover a wide range of applications utilising PLCs, Networks, Drives, SCADA, VB, Management Data Applications, Barcode and RFID.

Mitsubishi Recognition

Ashdale are the only Mitsubishi ‘Centre of Technical Excellence’ in Ireland and have Engineers who are ‘Mitsubishi Certified Engineers’ to Senior Engineer Level.
Mitsubishi Certified Engineers have demonstrated a high level of technical and practical ability.
Certification is the Mitsubishi seal of approval for the individuals and their associated companies.
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